Bringing Insight Selling to the Complex Sale: How to Tell a Convincing Story

The landscape of selling has changed. With buyers who are more educated - and more skeptical - than ever before, executives are searching for new ways to innovate, compete, and connect with buyers to close complex sales.

Enter insight selling. Through insight selling, sellers can become an indispensable resource to buyers by introducing new ideas and creating intrigue. Sellers who do this best gain an upper hand in the selling process by shaping buyer thinking and positioning their solutions based on buyer preferences.

In this on-demand webinar, John Doerr, President of RAIN Group and author of Wall Street Journal bestseller Rainmaking Conversations, shares how the best sellers cause buyers to believe the truth of what they’re saying and persuade them to take action.

This on-demand webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their sales presentations and conversations, elicit action from their buyers, and see their conversion rates and revenue soar.

In particular, you will learn:
•The structure of the convincing story, a basic framework for selling insights and ideas
•The importance of connecting, convincing, and collaborating in sales conversations
•The top 10 factors most separating sales winners from second-place finishers
•The application of insight selling in a complex sales situation with a long sales cycle and multiple decision makers
•The three outcomes to sell an idea: learn, feel, and do

Date and Time

Date: 12/5/2013
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Leading Sales Presentations That Sell: Creating a New Reality and Inspiring Action

Introduction to What Sales Winners Do Differently Research Findings
• Connect, Convince, Collaborate
• Top 10 Factors That Most Separate Sales Winners From Second-Place Finishers

7 Key Components of the Convincing Story
• Develop Rapport and Establish Credibility
• Build Dissatisfaction by Naming the Adversary
• Create Desire by Establishing Aspirations
• Journey to the Pit of Despair
• Introduce Hope Through Success Stories
• Communicate Results and Create Believability
• Recommend Action and Invite Collaboration

Outcomes to Sell an Idea
• Learn – Demonstrate Understanding and Rationalize the Impact of Taking Action
• Feel – Cause the Buyer to Feel the Pain of Their Current State and Create a Desire to Get to the New Reality
• Do – Collaborate With Buyers


John Doerr, RAIN Group


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Who should attend?

This live webinar is designed for sales managers, directors, account managers, presidents, vice presidents, account executives, analysts, consultants and other sales professionals.

Bringing Insight Selling to the Complex Sale: How to Tell a Convincing Story

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Date: 12/5/2013
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