Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset

Do you aspire to be a most valuable asset not only for your boss but for your company? Though not a common term, it’s similar to most valuable player and if you don’t aspire and see yourself that way in today’s work environment, you are missing out; undermining both your career and earning potential.

In today’s unstable and competitive business landscape, how your boss sees you is an essential component to that and necessary part of your success strategy. Today, it takes more professional savvy, 21st century knowledge, and performance success. Working with a boss to this end can be a strategic success or stressful struggle. It all depends on your approach and the skills and knowledge you possess.

Becoming your boss and company’s most valuable asset as well as sustaining career and organizational success filled with passion and satisfaction, requires committed focus in key areas. This on-demand webinar will help you do just that. Here’s how ...

You will ...
Discover the top 10 must have success qualities to being a valuable asset
Acquire new approaches for maintaining a positive rapport with a boss who works and thinks differently than you
Discover the tactics to recognize and minimize misunderstandings
Gain ability to nurture trust and respect
Learn new time management strategies that reduce day-to-day stress and gain a greater sense of happiness and calm

Get inspired and re-charge your professional passion with high-impact knowledge and strategies. You are an important asset to your boss and company. By recharging with a toolkit of new knowledge and fresh strategies for your everyday challenges, you will pass along that energy, sense of value and enthusiasm to those with whom you work. This will create a better experience for everyone and undeniably demonstrate the asset you truly are.

Date and Time

Date: 4/15/2014
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Laying the Foundation for Your Success Strategy: Don't Let the Job Define You - You Define the Job
• It's Not Just a Job - It's Your Brand
• Success Thinking in Brand Management That Your Boss Will Love
• Beware of Subtle Sabotagers

What Does Your Asset Sheet Look Like?
• What Does It Mean to Be an Asset? Asset Defined
• 10 of the Top Qualities That Are Considered Assets That Your Boss Desperately Needs You to Possess
• Learn Your Liabilities and Look to Minimize Them

You Through Your Boss's Eyes - To Be Valuable You Have to Know What Is Valued
• Your Boss's Overall Desires and Agenda
• Be Clear on What Really Matters to Your Boss in Four Key Areas and How Personality Provides Essential Clues
• Your Agenda vs. His/Hers; The Phrase Win/Win Is Still Relevant

Clarifying Communication
• The Little Known Keys to Effectively Communicating to Minimize Misunderstandings
• How the Mind Processes Information - What You Need to Know That Can Change Everything
• Using the Power Six to Get Clarity
• The Stated Action Technique to Reduce Wasting Time

Punch up Your Productivity With These Essential Practices
• Clarity Is Key - The Bullseye Tool
• The Weekly Strategy - Strategy vs. Planning, There Is a Difference
• Results Management Techniques You Can't Live Without - Time Mapping, Daily Outcomes, Confirmation Talks, Managing Interruptions


JoAnn Corley, The Human Sphere™


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Who should attend?

This live webinar is designed for administrative assistants, executive assistants, office administrators, secretaries, office managers and other administrative professionals.

Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset

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Date: 4/15/2014
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