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Moments of Magic
Moments of Magic® with Shep Hyken
In this webinar, Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, will explain why satisfying customers is no longer good enough.
OnDemand Webinar & DVD - $168
OnDemand Webinar Only - $99
Webinar DVD Only - $99

How to Become a Copywriting Stud!
How to Become a Copywriting Stud! by Randy Gage
Become one of the world's highest paid copywriters! This powerful copywriting manual takes you through all of the exact skills you need to become a world-class copywriter.
Book & PDF Download - $197
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Cold Calling Tips and Scripts
In today’s very difficult world of selling, there is only one thing to do to make more sales. SEE more people. Steve Schiffman has been teaching sales people the techniques of setting face-to-face appointments for the past 35 years. Perhaps there has been no more difficult time i...
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Compliance With the PCI/CISP Credit Card Security Standards
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has driven compliance and security spending up, while giving long-time security professionals a stick to push the organization into thinking more strategically about data security. While the standard updates every two years, it is ...
Our price: $199

Creating a Mobile Customer Service Strategy to Stay Ahead of the Curve
With smartphone adoption on the global rise, contact center leaders are challenged with integrating mobile customer support into their already channel-crowded centers. Sarah Stealey Reed and the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) have been surveying contact center...
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Creating and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Surveys
The importance of understanding customer needs and expectations cannot be overstated. This knowledge can and should be the cornerstone on which an organization determines its overall direction and strategic business plan. Feedback from your customers can be utilized to: identif...
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Creating Loyal Customers With Great Customer Service
By participating in this on-demand webinar you will gain a greater understanding of the difference between organizations that are product vs. customer focused, as well as the initiatives and accountabilities involved in developing and executing a customer focused strategy. Thr...
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Customer Service Best Practices for Social Media
Without a good understanding of social media best practices, businesses put themselves at risk for customer frustrations to go viral, spreading negative news, lowering credibility, and greatly impacting the ability to compete with those companies who get social media right. This ...
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Doing Business in Mexico: What You Need to Know
Establishing or expanding a business in Mexico? Ensure success with knowledge of the latest need-to-know issues. As Mexico emerges as a key player within the global economy, an increasing number of international companies are establishing and expanding operations in this growin...
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E-mail Tips and Strategies That Elevate CSRs to Customer Contact Professionals
Email is quickly becoming one of the bigger drains on employee time and corporate productivity and profitability. Ineffective, improper, incorrect or poorly crafted email messages waste time and drive customers away. On the other hand, customer-focused emails save time, increase ...
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Export to EPUB: What Designers Must Know About Creating EPUBs Using Adobe® InDesign® CC
If your organization is faced with providing information that is displayed on most tablets and smartphones, you may need to decide to begin publishing to EPUBs. The challenging part is that graphic designers are good at InDesign®, but less familiar with writing code. Mor...
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Gatekeeping Strategies for Administrative Professionals
Gatekeepers play a significant role within the office setting. They serve as the primary protector of the executive’s time and operate in his/her best interest. One of the gatekeeper’s most difficult roles is that of intermediary, meaning one who is in the middle and one of the k...
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