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Moments of Magic
Moments of Magic® with Shep Hyken
In this webinar, Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, will explain why satisfying customers is no longer good enough.
OnDemand Webinar & DVD - $168
OnDemand Webinar Only - $99
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How to Become a Copywriting Stud!
How to Become a Copywriting Stud! by Randy Gage
Become one of the world's highest paid copywriters! This powerful copywriting manual takes you through all of the exact skills you need to become a world-class copywriter.
Book & PDF Download - $197
PDF Download Only - $177


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Getting Things Done: Managing Projects Effectively for Administrative Professionals
Many administrative professionals find it challenging to manage the responsibilities placed on them by fast paced work environments, demanding supervisors and overwhelmed team members. They are often the nerve center of the office and EVERYONE depends on them to get a great deal ...
Our price: $99

Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace
Dealing with difficult people can not only derail your day, it can cut your career short and lead to burn-out and a negative outlook. This on-demand webinar will explore different types of difficult people and their behaviors along with strategies to effectively work with them. L...
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Health Care Reform: The Financial Impact for 2014 and Beyond
Beginning in 2015, certain employers with 50 or more full-time equivalents (FTEs) could be subject to penalties whether or not they offer a group health plan for their employees. Decisions employers make about employee hours worked and employee premium cost will impact whether an...
Our price: $199

How May I Help You? Controlling Your Emotions With Customers
We have all been engaged with a customer service representative who says "I can help you with that"; even before they know what our concern is about. They seem detached and programmed to interact in an almost inhuman way. The great customer experiences are built...
Our price: $99

How to Craft an Outstanding Follow-up Email to Win Sales
Email has become an increasingly important marketing tool in the sales process. Whether itís used as a follow up method of communication after a tradeshow, webinar, download, face-to-face meeting, or lead generation event, email can be a powerful device that can help move the pro...
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How to Overcome the Overcoming Objection Syndrome
This on-demand webinar will teach you the four basic objections, the two types of objections, and the three types of questions in typical sales conversations. By learning what a statement, question and objection are and how to handle questions and objections, you will have some i...
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How to Say No to a Customer and Keep Them Coming Back
No is a word customers never want to hear. How do you keep them coming back when giving a yes is not an option? Could you be hurting your business by saying yes because no is outside your comfort zone? And how do you ensure that everyone inside your company, regardless of their r...
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How to Sell Services and Products to the U.S. Government and Military
Many business people want to sell their services and products to the federal government but find the process confusing and filled with dead ends and frustration. Competitors are winning contracts but it can seem impossible to get through to decision makers, or valuable time and r...
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How to Succeed at Selling to Difficult Customers
Customers today are more demanding than ever. Some will bully you to get price concessions. Others will put off decisions until you cave in. A few will even embellish the truth. Many wonít think twice to take their business elsewhere if you canít acquiesce to their demands. Order...
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How to Use Facebook® as an Effective Sales Tool
Cold calling is becoming less and less effective. It has become harder than ever to reach potential customers using traditional means of communication. Phone calls are guarded by caller ID, voice mail and gatekeepers that are reluctant to allow sales related calls through to buye...
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